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About Us

Leganger Lutheran Church was organized in 1858 by a small group that met at the home of C. K. Fjerstad.  The name was chosen from the little village in Norway, Leikanger, from which the Jerde family came.  That congregation was established in 1272, over 600 years prior.  In the fall of 1888, the first Leganger Church was built, the first service was held on Christmas Day.  On July 3, 1955, the Laying of the Cornerstone was celebrated and the current Church was built. This House of Worship was dedicated on Reformation Sunday, October 30, 1955.  The Leganger Church continues to update its facility to better serve those that worship and to glorify God.

God has richly blessed Leganger with dedicated ministers of the gospel and lay leaders who have all preached and witnessed the living Gospel of Jesus Christ and the gift of Salvation received only through Jesus.  Thanks be to God!

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