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Leganger Lutheran is Hiring

Please email completed applications to the email below.

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Church Secretary

Reports to: Pastor and Council 

Evaluation Process: Annual review will occur with President, Vice President and Pastor. 


Position Summary: The office secretary provides secretarial and clerical support for the church office 10 hours a week with (set office hours Monday - Friday), salary is to be within the Synod Guidelines. This position is critical to the success of many church programs. Perform all duties to support the mission of Leganger Lutheran Church, based on the following core values (family, children, prayer, witness and kindness/caring/compassion) of the congregation. 


Typical Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Greet and provide assistance to visitors both on the telephone and in person. 

  2. Process and distribute daily mail, outgoing and incoming. Monitor and respond to Leganger emails.

  3. Update and maintain internal and external member information including status, contact information, lists, and historical records (baptism, confirmation, marriage, death etc., Sunday school roster, officer list, caring and sharing, etc.).

  4. Update and maintain the master calendar- includes creating and posting necessary signs and advertisements of upcoming events. 

  5. Work closely with all involved in worship planning to ensure all worship resources are correct and prepared each week for worship (including special services).  Friday, send out scripture and announcements each week.

  6. Prepare annual projects (such as the annual report, christmas program bulletin, tally lists). 

  7. Prepare newsletter (all information due office the Monday before council. Newsletter should be sent out by the Friday after council).

  8. Maintain an inventory of office, paper, and cleaning supplies and order when needed. 

  9. Straighten up the sanctuary as needed - hymnals etc. 


Pastor(s) and Staff Assistance 

1. Attend council meetings and record minutes 

2. Attend meetings as requested 

Qualifications Required:

  • Answering God's call to minister at Leganger 

  • Ability to relate to a variety of people 

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality 

  • Being proficient in computers and Microsoft Office/Office 360 

  • Willing to learn new software as needed

Questions? Call: 

(605) 201-7026


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